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3M Die Cutting Black Dual Lock 3741/5408

Basic Information

Adhesive Side:Double Sided
Adhesive Type:Pressure Sensitive
Shape:OEM Design, Die Cut

3M Die Cutting Black Dual Lock 3741/5408


1,Instrumental panel,

2,Head lining,

3,Door trim,

4,Luggage trim, High mount stop lamp, Pillar trim

Eco Friendly, Superior die-cutting skill, High Quality, Competitive Price

General Information:

Dual Lock Fastener which is made of a plastic has a unisexual stem whose shape is much like a mushroom. It shows a high fastening strength and can be engaged/disengaged many times without failure. It can meet various designed auto parts standards.


Rattle free between the Dual lock Fasteners after engaged.

Provides a good appearance because of a hidden attachment system.

Can be fastened in any positions and directions.

Provides a wide interior space because of a thin engaged fastener thickness.

Is easy to position the parts and can be applied without a position confirmation by sight.

Can be engaged/disengaged many times without failure, and a part repair is easy.

There is a feasibility for an automatic parts assembly.

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