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3M adhesive transfer tape 468MP

Basic Information

Adhesive Side: Double Sided
Adhesive Type:Pressure Sensitive

• 3M™ Adhesive 300LSE Is A Hi-Strength Acrylic Adhesive That Provides A Very High Bond Strength To Most Surfaces.

• Excellent Bond To Low Surface Energy Plastics, Such As Polypropylene And Powder Coatings.

• Excellent Adhesion To Lightly Oiled Surfaces Typical Of Machine Parts.

• Thickness Range Of 2.0 Mils, 3.5 Mils And 5.0 Mils For Use On Smooth, Rough And Textured Surfaces.

• Extremely Smooth Adhesive For Excellent Graphics Appearance.

• Polycoated Kraft Liner For Die-Cutting End Tabs And Waste Removed Nameplates On A Common Carrier.

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